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+ - revisited

Topic closed. 121 replies. Last post 8 years ago by abbagail1991.

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August 29, 2005
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Posted: April 19, 2009, 3:48 am - IP Logged

i think this system works best for Pick4...All along it has been sitting there infront of my eyes and i didn't see it....

I think this system could crack pick4, because most of pick4 numbers tend to be between 2 and 8 so the difference is less than 5...Again SO IT APPEARS...Got to do more studying....

Bigatoo, i might be jumping to conclusions real quick, but i think your system MIGHT just crack Pick4.....

All this time i was working on +- system but on Pick5 and Pick6, never on Pick4...

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    June 20, 2008
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    Posted: May 15, 2009, 12:27 am - IP Logged

    What's so good about this system is that this system is like a DOORWAY to another point in the universe, another startgate, if yo seen the movie with james spader....This system is the best system in the world and the best system ever developed...

    I've been trying so hard on this system to make it work...I got some more stuff to add to it but i am kind of busy right now...

    This system is the one the government should be affraid off...What's so good about this system is that you can challenge a PIck25/130....This system is the lost "LDF"....LOtto Digits (al) Footprints....It works so similar the only difference is that one is farsighted and the other one is nearsighted...But they work the same way...Another difference is that one has been found the other hasn't...

    If you could add this to it:

    You know i thought about this like 8 months ago except that i thought of them as higher and lower...I thought of them as H & L...H stands for higher and L stand for Lower...

    For example 4-5-6 i thought of it as: L-H-H but the first digit is L if is from 0-5 and H if is from 6-0 treating 0 as 10....

    Very interesting But i didn't have time to do more research on it...3-8-1 would be LHL....

    i wonder how many LHH combos are there...For example i can count:









    If these are the only LHH combos available then this is a step forward, actually a step closer....And knowing that LLL and HHH almost never play...That leaves you with: 6 LHH combos to choose from...But i still need to know if those are it, if there is no more than that....I also don't know how many numbers are there in each LHH combo...

    Looking at the bright side, you can eliminate LHH combos & combinations that are not coming out by discarding previous LHH combos by previous drawings....

    Not only are 6 left back but remember that for pick6 you are using 2 of them, more than likely different, so that leaves you with 4 lefft...And remember that the 2 that you select/pick will end up been different...And remember ou are viewing PIck6 as 2 pick3 based on the ending digits and then you deduce...If you don't know what i mean by deduce check my blogs...

    I use this in my filters, however, I use the previous number i.e. 475 - and I say 4 = verticle 1 (v1), 7 is = verticle 2 (v2), and 5 is verticle 3(v3)  representing the 1st position, 2nd position, and the 3rd position.  Then I guess if the next draw (in the first position) is going to be greater than 4 (which you are using H or L) I use + or - also > (greater than) or (<less than) but you also need to use (= equal to) (in case it is the same number as the time before.  Then I guess the same on the 2nd position.  Same on 3rd position.   Just a little tid bit!