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You buy a 2line ticket to pool with 1 person but they don't pay the $1
I would go ahead and include them and forgot about the dollar if they don't pay me because I don't want any trouble. Typically how humans are or at least the ones i know, will nag me and tell everyone else at work and in town what i did and how wrong i was and win those people to their side and I will then have the whole town nagging me about what I did (I live in a small town where everyone knows me and a town that loves to gossip) and then press a lawsuit and all this other good stuff. I like
Mar 21, 2007, 2:02 pm - stephi - Lottery Discussion Forum

Anna Nicole Smith is Dead
Think it is Trim Spa. There was a recent lawsuit claiming they falsified information. That was her latest battle after losing her son and the paternity suit for her baby girl. It's sad when anyone dies. We often hear about celebrities partying and overdosing on drugs and booze, but so do a lot of ordinary folks. They just don't make the front page news. I was sad when River Phoenix died...only 23. What a waste of talent.
Feb 9, 2007, 12:46 pm - justxploring - Lottery Discussion Forum

internet gambling bill will be voted on tonight
We can get together and hire a top rate lawyer to file a class action lawsuit against Frist. Maybe the ACLU will help us out.
Sep 29, 2006, 7:45 pm - JAP69 - Lottery Discussion Forum

How an LP major jackpot winner could help lottery players
Quote: Originally posted by Raven62 on June 26, 2006 Administrative Costs for running the Lottery are very, very High, and the Odds of you Winning are very, very Low! Once you're in the Winners Circle the last thing you'll be thinking is what can I do to make the Lottery better for the folks that didn't Win. Speak for yourself on all counts, Raven. Unless you are a lottery employee you probably don't have any better idea than I do about what the costs are to them..... I'm betting the m
Jun 26, 2006, 11:43 am - Rip Snorter - Lottery Discussion Forum

Has anyone won?
People don't own numbers, so I don't see how anyone could file a lawsuit. That's why there are patents for inventions and copyrights for books and newspapers and registered trademarks. However unethical it might seem, if stealing ideas from people and turning them into money was a crime, Bill Gates wouldn't be a billionaire! However, I agree it wouldn't be worth the hassle. Maybe Todd as owner of the site might have a claim, but I don't see any specific rules stating that predictions that
Apr 2, 2006, 3:36 am - justxploring - Lottery Discussion Forum

Remaining anonymous if you win jackpot?
8 weeks is a number I got in a reply to an e-mail I sent to the PA lottery. could be less... they also told me that you can claim a jackpot win as a trust here in P.A. and it has been done before. (WLT Trust, pb jackpot 12/08/2004) but for some oddball reason, the names of the winners involved in that trust are on the powerball winners stories website... what, then was the point?I wonder if it would be better to first claim it in the trust name that will be publicised, then immediately transfe
Oct 19, 2005, 5:51 am - hypersoniq - Lottery Discussion Forum

Should criminals collect jackpots?
Well i know for a fact the FBI is investigating the whole TBI. And also all agencys in connection there of. For breach of civial right's...I can tell you first hand. Cause i have a pending lawsuit against the city of Murfreesboro for this very issue. Illegal search and seizure...More times than not. The police have no right to come into someones home without a warrant and illegaly search it..It's called the 4th ammendment. And they care nothing about it...Just do a search. You'll see it everywhe
Oct 8, 2005, 1:15 pm - Shawnintennesse - Lottery Discussion Forum

California & Mega Millions
I say yes. I hope that CA is forced to not play MM anymore. It's illegal and unconstitutional to have CA play in multi-state games. I think Arnold made the right thing by removing the acting director of Lotto. I think Arnold should tell the government to end MM for CA. Besides, CA should only have their own state game and focus on CA SLP, not join a multi-state game. I hope CA wins the lawsuit from the government, so they're forced to play CA SLP and no more MM.
Aug 24, 2005, 11:43 pm - Just6ntlc - Lottery Discussion Forum

All multi-state lotto games
I don't see how anyone could vote for either MUSL game although the blue game will never happen. Since Powerball is keeping the idiotic cap rule of 25 million over the record and the current highest Powerball jackpot was 314.9 that leaves the next highest jackpot Powerball can hit at 339.9 million. Rather unlikely judging from recent Powerball runs.Since the same clowns that came up with that rule would be running the blue game one could look forward to other jackpot limiting rules. That leaves
Aug 13, 2005, 1:18 am - dvdiva - Lottery Discussion Forum

PA Official Sues the Government.
It is called At Will employment, the alternative is called Just Cause where an employer needs to show just cause why they fired you. It varies by state.WHat's the greater wrong here? At-Will isn't really even a law, but it is a tool far too often abused in the outsourcing of thousands of jobs... I think the at-will abuse is the real crime here. It's a stupid law that never benefits an employee...Every year they release the Top 20 places to work in Pennsylvania .... pretty soon it will loo
Aug 3, 2004, 9:20 pm - hypersoniq - Lottery Discussion Forum