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Lottery rigging mastermind sentenced to 25 years in prison

Topic closed. 31 replies. Last post 5 years ago by sailmumm.

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November 22, 2006
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They lowered the boom on Eddie.

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    February 4, 2010
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    No NodHe's sorry alright, sorry he got caught!

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      February 28, 2015
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      While focusing on the "criminal", let's not forget that the RNG system is flawed, which is what made this rigging possible, and tempted Tipton to exploit it.....and it's still flawed, no matter how many yrs they gave him...

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        February 13, 2005
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        How old is the guy now? If he over 40 and 25 years in jail. He will be all most 100.

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          October 16, 2008
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            January 7, 2015
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            OK, so is this finally the last I have to read about Eddie Tipton?

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              April 2, 2013
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              I feel sorry for the players who might have shared a jackpot with Tipton or one of his cohorts. THEY GOT ROBBED. You know that the lottery bosses are very greedy when it comes to free money, right? As for Tipton himself, he is soft and plumpy and BUBBA will be glad to meet him. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!.

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                June 29, 2011
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                Enjoy you stay at the Graybar hotel and thanks for proving that RNG games should not be trusted.

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                  March 20, 2006
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                  Graybar hotel lol wowww but Its plenty more that needs to be investigated, i dont like those states that run test draws, my number probably came up a lot in those test draws and we are steady getting rip off ,aint no one to be trusted anymore...

                    Shelbyville, KY
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                    July 6, 2015
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                    Really stinks!  His brother was a former JUDGE???  Rotten EGGS!

                    Get em!

                      Shelbyville, KY
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                      July 6, 2015
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                      I'm feeling a certain kinda way about lottery drawings anyway...I'mma pick 3/4 player ... I play all games....Buuuuuuut something "changed" years ago...this article helps me doubt lottery legiticy even more...lottery officials are paid very BIG BUCKS!  ....for what???

                      Get em!

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                        March 24, 2014
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                        What gets me is why don't these criminals who steal millions flee to a non-extradition country? Everyone gets caught eventually. Just run as soon as you have enough to retire on. Plenty of very nice non-extradition countries offer economic citizenship.

                        Not at all.  I used to work armored car for one of the atm companies.  Someone stole $39 million and tried fleeing to Mexico.  Here's another tip off.  If someone had a corvette or something expensive lets say then the company knows something is up. 


                        People don't think.

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                          August 20, 2004
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                          "Tipton has agreed to pay about $2.2 million in restitution, including $1.1 million to the Colorado lottery, $644,000 to the Oklahoma lottery, $391,000 to the Wisconsin lottery and $30,000 to the Kansas lottery.

                          When Judge Brad McCall asked him on Tuesday how he intended to repay the money, Tipton said, "Initially, I really don't know.""


                          He will get the money from the other 47 times he got by with it they still haven't found out about yet probably.

                          And how often would he have got by with this if it were ball drawn? maybe once.....

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                            August 1, 2017
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                            Greed causes things like this to happen.

                            Money is an energy. I am a money magnet. Sad Cheers

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                              December 10, 2004
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                              And still the lotteries continues with computer draws. It's crazy.