Parole revoked for lottery rigger Eddie Tipton

Apr 9, 2022, 5:01 pm (12 comments)

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Decision to release former security director reversed

By Kate Northrop

Eddie Tipton, the former MUSL Director of Security who was convicted of rigging multiple lottery drawings in several states, will not be released from prison after his parole was revoked.

In January, Tipton re-entered national headlines when the Iowa Board of Parole decided to grant him his release from prison. However, the board revoked his parole in March after an incident involving him in prison came to light.

The convicted lottery fraud mastermind was originally supposed to serve 25 years in prison, but he was granted early parole after serving five years due to good behavior. In between the Board's decision and his scheduled release, however, there was an incident on his disciplinary record that led to a change of heart.

"He incurred a major discipline or major report within the institution after we granted the parole but before he was physically released," Iowa Board of Parole Chairman Andrew Boettger told the Associated Press.

The Iowa Department of Corrections reported the event to the board, which decided to rescind the parole grant "based on the nature of the discipline," Boettger continued.

Boettger did not reveal what the incident specifically was that led to Tipton's disciplinary consequences.

Tipton is scheduled for another review a year from now to determine whether parole is once again within the realm of possibility.

Those convicted of non-violent crimes in Iowa without a mandatory minimum sentence are immediately eligible for parole, but the prison system will evaluate the individual and may make a recommendation to the parole board. The board will then conduct their own review and decides whether the person should be approved for work release or "has been rehabilitated and is ready to live a law-abiding life," Boettger explained.

According to the board, the board members concluded that there was "a reasonable probability" Tipton could have been released without posing a threat to the general public or himself.

The board's online database had shown that he was to be supervised by parole officers in Texas following his release from prison.

In January 2020, Tipton had also filed a lawsuit that says he was coerced to plead guilty and that Iowa officials charged him for restitution in states in which they have no jurisdiction. The trial date is still set for Aug. 17.

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Stat$talker's avatarStat$talker

Good..Thumbs Up..Let'im continue to scan his BARZ of his Cell, instead of scanning the BARZ on Lottery ticketz..!!

We Playerz are much safer while He'z in there..But Law Enforcement still need to be on the watch for Eddie Tipton vs #2...


Are they teasing him? You may go! You may not go! You may go! You may not go! ... We've got Dutroux in the trou for ever. ... We have no death jackpot here. That is also not always literally lifelong. ... How many years for Tipton? Ten at max? ...


" Granted early parole of 5 years due to good behavior? After what he did, I didn't think Eddie was capable of good behavior! Is the prison system out there saying Eddie was a " Model Prisoner?"


I don't see Tipton as a threat to the community but he should serve more than five years. Keep him in there. Thumbs Up

Mata Garbo

Good old Eddie.......He somehow forgot the golden rule for prisoners who have just been granted parole. Keep your mouth shut and your head down until you are actually OUT of prison. He learned that the hard way.

No NoUS Flag


people always have something to say All lottery is rigged,I love Eddie T. You should be free you did the rite thing God bless you brother keep up the good work and when you get released soon scam the lottery again.     IN GOD WE TRUST THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YKU I AM DIVINELY GUIDED ALL LOVE


I think that he never hit anyone or am I wrong?


Quote: Originally posted by Speler on Apr 11, 2022

I think that he never hit anyone or am I wrong?

Yes, you are wrong.

GiveFive's avatarGiveFive

Quote: Originally posted by grwurston on Apr 9, 2022

He violated 706A.2

What it is.

My guess is that he made "a false sworn statement regarding a material issue"......meaning he lied under oath about something. G5

Stat$talker's avatarStat$talker

Quote: Originally posted by Speler on Apr 11, 2022

I think that he never hit anyone or am I wrong?

"I think that he never hit anyone or am I wrong?"

Clown Wrong Speler... He HIT ALL honest lottery Playerz in the POCKET...!! Wink


US Flag

rdgrnr's avatarrdgrnr

As soon as word of his parole got out to the general population they were planning to mess it up for him, probably by making him fight to defend himself. Nobody's gonna stand there and take an ass whoopin' without fighting back. He should have requested solitary until his release. 

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